Price Decrease

We are happy to inform you that we are pleased to announce a number of price reductions from our current prices.
We set ourselves the task to examine every aspect of the business with the aim of trying to reduce prices wherever possible thus helping our customers and the community through these difficult times. 
After thorough examination we are pleased to report that together with the introduction of cost saving measures and innovation, this re-evaluation has enabled us to reduce approximately 80% of our current prices.  

We rarely have the chance to notify customers of such good news, so are delighted to report implementation of the new reduced prices will take place on August 1st and where a reduction is not possible, we intend to hold our existing prices for as long as practicable.
As a community owned and managed pub, we wish to make a contribution and hopefully bring a little bit of joy in these trying times of rising prices and inflation.
The Great Bromley pub is run by volunteers and can only survive by customers visiting and using the pub, so please come along and enjoy our new reduced prices.

Last Modified on 03/08/2022
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