Free Birthday Drink

We have received a suggestion that maybe we should offer our customers a drink on their birthday.  I believe this has been adopted by a number of other pubs in the area.   We have tried to get our heads around how we could manage this and think the best way to do it is if you want to sign up for this offer, you will need to fill in a form telling us your birthday and signing the form to give us permission to enter the data in our database.  The “Birthday Forms” will be kept behind the bar.   So, next time you are in just ask the bar attendant for a form and you will be signed up for this promotion.  Just to clarify, your free drink will be just a drink for the “birthday person” and consist of a pint of beer, 175ml glass of wine/prosecco, a single shot of spirit or a soft drink.  You will be able to print your Birthday Voucher here once you have signed up for the promotion  This must be used within one week of your birthday.   We will be trialling this offer for the next three months and if it proves successful and not too troublesome will continue it longer.   You must be 18 years and over to partake in this offer.

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