Annual Newmarket Races Trip

On Saturday 10th August a group of 50 people set off for the annual Newmarket Races trip from the Pub. The weather was not too good with the winds blowing at 40 mph but the rain did hold off until we had finished our picnic. A good time was had by everyone but there were not too many winners backed. It was all back to the pub on our return for a delicious chilli and jacket potato courtesy of Vanda and Amanda. A big thank you to Paul Francis who arranged the trip.

Garden Opening and Volunteers BBQ

On the afternoon of Sunday 28th July we held our official garden opening and combined this with a “thank you” barbeque for all our volunteers.   Currently our volunteers continue to carry out more than 150 hours each month covering Financial management, cleaning, building and decorating, garden maintenance, bar shifts, coffee mornings, weekly food events and not forgetting the many helpers who put together the music and charity events.  Amanda with assistance of our volunteers continues to be the core support for the success of the Great Bromley Cross Pub.  It was a lovely afternoon with the Pimms flowing and the BBQ flaring.  A big thank you to Bryn and Dinah for doing all the food prep and cooking with a little help from a few others.   We had in excess of 50 volunteers attending and a big thank you to everyone for all the efforts you put in, we could not do it without you.